Grease Duct Cleaning

Our grease duct cleaning services are provided by certified technicians trained in the latest fire prevention techniques. This gives them a deep understanding, not only of how to eliminate potential fire hazards from your duct system when cleaning it, but also how to identify and report potential hazards to you. Our cleaning service includes removing grease from the hood, filters, and all accessible ducts and fans.


Kitchen Hood Cleaning

In Grupo Escalidu we clean the whole system ensuring that all accessible surfaces are cleaned following the NFPA # 96 standard.

Kitchen hood cleaning protects your facilities and customers. We understand and honour your business by being there when we promise and deliver the work in a timely manner.


Exhaust Fan Cleaning

By choosing Grupo Escalidu as your cleaning service provider, you can be sure that you have made the best decision for your facilities, your employees and your customers. Kitchen fires will occur, but the resulting damage will often depend on the quality and competence of the cleaning provider you have selected. Our team of trained and certified technicians cleans your entire system and documents our cleanup with photographic evidence to ensure that your exhaust system is properly maintained.


Kitchen Filter Cleaning

When cooking, the smoke, heat and grease vapors disappear in the duct of your attic and the roof areas. The danger of the accumulation of flammable substances is invisible we make these invisible areas easy to see through our perfect photographic documentation system. A shiny kitchen hood an filters in the kitchen after cleaning does not mean that hard-to-reach places have been cleaned properly. At Grupo Escalidu, we make sure that all areas of your system are accessed so you can trust that the work we promise is always the work we offer.


Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps in particular are important to maintain functioning, especially in a restaurant or business that requires intensive use of the kitchen. A grease trap will contain animal fats and vegetable oils in kitchen wastewater that flows through your plumbing system before they reach sanitary sewer lines. If you allow the grease to accumulate too much, your pipes will get stuck – It’s certainly not good for business, since your kitchen can not work without proper pipes.


Air Duct Cleaning

Improve the health of your employees. Your office may be cultivating and spreading diseases, germs and viruses throughout the space. Regular maintenance of your air duct systems can dramatically improve the health of your employees by eliminating these particles that trigger allergies and spreading diseases you can improve the productivity of your employees. Learn more with the professionals in Grupo Escalidu.


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